Strategic Goals

Relentlessly Pursue
& Provide a World-Class Education

Champlain College provides an unrivaled, career-forward education. Our students join a lifelong learning community who shares their aspirations. Expert faculty and staff deliver to our students a best-in-class curriculum, transformative experiences, and local to global partnerships that forge professional skills, shape interpersonal competencies, positively impact communities, and promote personal success.

  • Champlain will continue to offer innovative, market-relevant, and academically rigorous programs that lead to rewarding careers.
  • Champlain will research, develop, and offer new degrees in emerging STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) for traditional undergraduate programs to broaden the portfolio of our curricular offerings to high school students. Champlain will deepen and broaden traditional student exposure to and utilization of international educational opportunities.
  • Champlain’s curriculum will continue to focus on teaching students to reflect on their moral and ethical principles and their capacity to shape the world.
  • Champlain will deepen and broaden its role in the economic development of Vermont by expanding steady employment pipelines between Vermont-based organizations and students.
  • Champlain will improve student retention and graduation rates through a strong and sustained focus on personal attention from an engaged college community.

Foster a Welcoming,
Supportive & Just

Champlain College fosters a welcoming environment for our community of students, faculty, and staff. We proactively build bridges to create a culture of diversity, equity, integrity, and mutual respect for all, taking care to include historically marginalized groups. We work cooperatively to create an increasingly inclusive culture.

  • Champlain will be an institution that harnesses the productive power of difference and promotes the values, behaviors, and actions that encompass a supportive and just community. Mutual respect among all members of the Champlain community will be cultivated. Students and employees will live and work in an environment where it is safe to take risks and challenge others.
  • Champlain will commit to measuring and regularly reporting on progress toward its diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategy.
  • Champlain will provide and promote opportunities to increase the intercultural competence of its students, faculty, and staff.
  • Champlain will realize equitable success of students, faculty, and staff from marginalized communities.
  • Champlain will increase the diversity of its traditional student body through deliberate, thoughtful student recruitment practices.
  • Champlain will emphasize the importance of diverse representation in faculty and staff populations through its hiring and employee retention practices.
  • Champlain will create the infrastructure and coordinate the organizational changes required for the achievement of its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

Cultivate Engaged & Thriving Students

Champlain College is a dynamic, accessible, and supportive learning environment informed by the complexities of individual student biographies. Students embark on a journey of exploration to discover their passions and career opportunities. Meaningful relationships and endeavors prepare students for a lifetime of learning and fulfillment.

  • Champlain will create an innovative and comprehensive student success strategy.
  • Champlain will further enhance the connection students feel to the Champlain community by growing opportunities for engagement that align with students’ passions and identities.
  • Champlain will be responsive in providing its health and wellness services to students’ evolving physical and mental health, accommodation, wellness, and prevention needs.

Champion Employee Excellence

Champlain College attracts, retains, and nurtures forward-thinking educators and professionals by creating a culture where expertise and curiosity are celebrated, and where employees challenge, expand, and push the boundaries of their fields. They pursue their academic and professional passions, work collaboratively, and inspire our students.

  • Champlain will foster a culture of learning, effectiveness, and career development.
  • Champlain will nourish and recognize employee excellence by celebrating the strengths and achievements of our community.
  • Champlain will cultivate the growth and transition of a high-performing workforce.
  • Champlain will establish measurable employee retention goals.

Prioritize Career Success

Champlain College will create career success by building the finest student Career Center in the nation. The Center will attain outstanding results in job placement of graduates, identify and support professionally focused experiential learning, teach skills relevant to career success, develop a robust alumni job network, and research emerging career fields to inform new program development. Champlain will continue to serve as an engine for the Vermont economy.

  • Champlain will invest in a state-of-the-art Career Center that is fully equipped to teach lifelong career management skills and expand its professional networks for the career success of all Champlain graduates.
  • Champlain will continue to prioritize its career success strategies, focusing on initiatives that improve employment outcomes, career relevancy, competitive salaries, and career satisfaction.
  • Champlain will grow its expansive national and global employer network to offer the finest job and experiential learning opportunities on the market.
  • Champlain will receive national recognition for its distinctive career education programs and offerings and build in-depth, informative career resource platforms.
  • Champlain will create and grow the alumni job network that connects students and alumni job seekers to industry experts.
  • Champlain will holistically and actively contribute to the regional and national dialogue on emerging fields and workforce trends through market research and market intelligence data.
  • Champlain will actively engage with established and entrepreneurial organizations on workforce education and creation of employment strategies.

Achieve & Maintain Robust Financial Health

Champlain College achieves financial results that fuel innovation, growth, and agility by attaining strategic enrollment and fundraising goals. Our capacity to innovate grows through new revenue-generating endeavors. Activities that contribute to strategic goals are prioritized for financial resources.

  • Champlain will increase and stabilize enrollment in traditional and online programs as indicated by our financial model.
  • Champlain will explore new revenue-generating opportunities to support the financial position.
  • Champlain will both strengthen and broaden philanthropic support from the College and external communities.
  • Champlain will, through a comprehensive enrollment/revenue plan, refine and attain its financial strategy and goals for 2030. Champlain will continue to explore and implement cost-containment measures to help lessen the burden of rising College costs.
  • Champlain will model its commitment to sustainability through efficient facilities and operations management and will make progress toward carbon neutrality.